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PHP Development

PHP (PHP: HypertextPreprocessor) comes at your disposal when you are looking forward to create dynamic webpages.

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Android Development

Android, an operating system (OS) owned by the world’s topmost search engine, Google is the most widely used OS on a smartphone.

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iOS Development

iOS, a product of Apple Inc., most valuable brand globally, is an operating system known to give the best user experience.

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Web Designing

The Internet is today time's new canvas where you can satisfy your creatives idea by making a website of your own, which further lets you take your business to new heights.

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SEO Search engine Optimization helps search engines like Google to find your site and rank it better than million other sites uploaded on the web in answer to a query.

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This course teaches developers how AngularJS can be facilitated in the development of single-page web applications that are based on the Model View Controller design pattern.

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React.jsTraining makes you learn, a front-end JavaScript Library builds usable and highly interactive UI components and mobile applications.

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